Ideas for Role-Playing Games

I like role-playing games. One of the great things I’d love is a group of friends who could put aside a few days every week to play role-playing games. Since I don’t really have something like that, I tend to come up with ideas for role-playing games that I put away for a later date. Because I need to put more stuff up and I’m a bit tired about reiterating why Fundamentalist Christians are theological dullards, I decided to make a short post on role-playing ideas I’ve come up with.

  • Mage: the Ascension Strangelly, the first idea I had for a fully formed Mage: the Ascension game I could be proud of featured the Technocracy, and I’m a hardcore Traditions man. You all know a guy called Owen Newman, a member of the New World Order’s Academic faction. You knew him in college, he was your estranged father, he was your favorite teacher, you were the last person who saw him alive, your the agent assigned to investigating his murder. As you all investigate his murder and play politics in the Technocracy construct, you begin to come across a long histroy of corruption of your construct and the Technocracy in general. I may rewrite this as a fanfiction involving a Man in Black who doesn’t play by the rules and a superhuman clone who is involved in a battle of genetic politics he dosen’t completely understand. They fight crime.
  • Vampire: the Masquerade or Requiem. You are vampires. You uphold the Masquerade. That’s it. Every game is another Masquerade breech or possible Masquerade breach you need to solve. The rise of the Internet and easy communication will also be a recurring theme, as the Masquerade becomes harder and harder to maintain.
  • Changeling: the Lost. One long Tom Waits tribute. Everybody takes a Tom Waits song as inspiration for their characters (examples, “Soldier’s Things,” “Frank’s Wild Years,” “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up,” anything from Blue Valentine). Every game is based on a Tom Waits song. (examples “Underground,” “Way Down in the Hole,” “The Black Rider,” anything from Mule Variations.) Like the vampire idea this will be largely episodic. This entire game is based around the fact that Changeling: the Lost is a very Tom Waits style game, particularly during his Swordfishtrombone-Rain Dogs phase.
  • Unknown Armies You are a group of minor occult investigators on the outside of the power games of the Occult Underground of Los Angeles looking in. One day a man shows up at your door, hands you a package, and dies. When you open the package you realize it is the Rudolf Valentino dildo, a highly charged magic item found in Kenneth Anger’s grimoire Hollywood Babylon. You soon find yourself wanted by a variety of groups, such as the Gay Agenda and a secret order of Adepts who control the world via manipulating Hollywood films. If the Valentino Dildo is prepared in such a way with a series of other artifacts, you can achieve ultimate power, provided you aren’t killed in the process.

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