Things that Piss Me the F#%& Off: eBay Dosen’t Care About Occult People, and The Media Dosen’t Care About Mexico’s Protests

Well, fuck me. Here I was, preparing to post a message on some stuff that was really toasting my onions when I lose the entire thing. I’m sorry if I sound rude, but my anger is starting to boil over and I need to express my rage with the, what, five people subscribed to my blog? I don’t know how to check.

Anyways, the first thing is that eBay will not be selling occult materials. This bothers me as an armchair occultist, which I admit is rather hypocritical considering I only buy occult stuff and don’t do much actual work, but this still falls into oppressing religion. I may be overreacting to the entire thing, but the fact is that banning this means it’s being pushed out of the cultural dialogue. Also, take a look at this little newsclipping

Indeed, the company knows not what it does, unaware that the hour of the dragons grows near. Not only has eBay banned the sale of spells, but it has also prohibited the sale of potions. Yes, that even includes the +2 Potion of Dragonslaying — the fools! Psychic readings are similarly forbidden. Your knights will no longer have the confidence of entering into battle with their victory guaranteed by a seer, nor will your anteater be able to tell you the outcomeof the NBA finals for a price.

The dismissive way this guy talks about the news really gets to me. It feeds into the fact that occult ideas are outside the cultural dialogue. Anyways, this just bothers me.

Along with this, there is the situation I just learned about in Mexico. It all started with a picture on Facebook, which had a huge sky-view picture of a million people in the streets of what I am lead to believe is Mexico City. It said that a huge protest against media control and that the mainstream media is ignoring it. This got me really angry, but also curious. Personally, I have not had many problems finding information about it, but I am a bit unsure about what constitutes “mainstream media,” as I have never really put my feet in that particular body of water in so much as it comes to news. Once for the election of Obama, but not really in any other situation.

As near as I can figure the problem is this. A guy called Enrique Pena Nieto bought the Presidency of Mexico because he had enough money and traction with one of Mexico’s two television companies (his wife’s a soap star). There has been talk that one of these channels, Televisia, has put out Pro-Nieto propaganda as news. He also belongs to the PRI, which is a conservative party that was kept in power for 71 years through corruption, patronage and vote fraud. Basically, it’s like Republicans and Fox, but with free grocery store vouchers if you vote for Mitt Romney.

In retaliation, a group called Soy132 has been launching protests against Televisia and the PRI and the whole sorry state which is the Mexican political system. The combined group of people has created the biggest protest the world has ever seen, and in retaliation the world media has apparently decided not to pay attention to this. A picture of the protest will be pictured, but even know I don’t know if I can take this seriously. When I look at the picture, I can see little squares, like the pattern of those papers you used in math class was overlayed. I don’t know if the picture is fake or it’s just some effect with the camera that makes it look like that. Either way, I am fairly certain that there is a protest going on in Mexico, and it is likely that it is the world’s largest, if only that Mexico City has a pretty large population.

I have had time to ruminate on these two stories, and as I type this up on my WordPress Dashboard I am not as angry as I once was. This gives me the chance to look over the affairs. The thing that comes up to me is that while these two stories don’t have much on the surface to begin with, there is a connection. Both involve a stronger discourse preventing a discussion of a discourse with less influence. In the case of eBay it was the elimination of “occult” matters, which reflects a wider cultural narrative that says the occult is either a) dangerous and satanic, or b) a joke for the gullible. The situation in Mexico, particularly with these PRI types, involves eliminating the voices of those who would disagree with the power structure. Ultimately, both of these topics come down to a matter of dialogue.


Technoccult – eBay Bans The Selling of Magical Items and Psychic Services – has link to a Warren Ellis post on similar situations. Very good points about the ambiguity of what the word “occult” means.


Global Post – Mexico’s revolution will not be televised


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