Needs more Antonin Artaud: The New Lone Ranger and Johnny Depp’s Racially Insensitive Bird Hat


So they’re making a Lone Ranger movie, which I wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t have any reference to “Alejandro Jodorowsky” on the internet immediately sent to my email inbox. Yes, I do that.

So for all you people who are like me and are slowly phasing the mainstream out of your life, apparently the guys doing Pirates of the Caribbean (i.e. Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer) are making a Lone Ranger movie. Armie Hammer, who I’m not familiar with and sounds like a porn star name to me, stars as the Lone Ranger, and Johnny Depp is Tonto. Yes, Johnny Depp is Tonto. There are problems here, mainly by casting a white man in a red man’s role. The only reason it’s not red face is because Johnny Depp is wearing so much face make up. Admittedly, he looks pretty cool, especially considering he has a bird on his head, but couldn’t they find an Indian guy?

Alright, let’s place the unfortunate implications thing aside and say that they just couldn’t find a Native guy who wanted to play Tonto because of some of the controversy around the character speaking in a pidgin dialect. It should be brought up that Johnny Depp does not really have that good of a history playing First Nations guys. I have only heard rumours of The Brave, a movie Johnny Depp directed and stared in about an Indian guy who volunteers to be part fo a snuff film so that his wife and children can get out of the sickening poverty he lives in. Admittedly, the character in that movie is more the horrible reality for First Nations people, where as Tonto is more of a white man’s idea of what the First Nations were like during that time period; mystical warriors in a world that is moving on from them. Basically that makes them the American version of elves. Make of that what you will.

Also, why the hell does Tonto have a bird on his head? This has not been sufficiently addressed in my opinion. Why is he wearing a dead bird on his head? I looked up the whole feather-headdress thing. They’re supposed to be eagle feathers and your supposed to take the feathers off. WHY IS THERE A DEAD BIRD ON HIS HEAD? I’ve also checked the Wikipedia page on the Potawatomi, the tribe Tonto is supposed to be from, and they have no dead birds on their heads.

So asside from the whole issue of a white guy playing Tonto, there’s the whole accusations of Jodorowsky similarities. To be honest, beyond a certain level of Tonto being somekind of shaman in a funny hat I’m not seeing it. The trailer looks good, but I’m not planning on seeing this in theatres.

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That hat.

That fucking hat.


The Quest Begins

I should have mentioned this earlier, but I am on a quest. I’ve been on it more or less a week and a half, and my goal is to find a new poetic sound. This sound, despite being a new sound, is also an old sound, and should be representative of a rebirth of a bardic tradition where the poet was as much shaman and sorcerer as entertainer. My goal is to make poetry primal again, to make it as dangerous as a good rock and roll concert. I’m not foolish enough to believe that this is something that I am starting with, in fact I am purposefully going in the paths of people before me, mainly the one that has come from the Beat poets and those who came after.

This all happpened because for the most part I’m still not sure I’m as good as I could be. Yes, people tell me I’m good, but it’s a very small number of people. I also don’t get published, which could just be the machinations of the literary review publishers, but I’m not going to ask them why their secret cabal won’t publish my genius. The fact is, I want to write better and I’m not really sure I’m reaching that potential.

There’s also my interest in occultism and various magical paths, such as Voodoo and Ancient Bardic traditions. Sometime in High School I figured being an occultist would be really awesome, mainly from reading comic books by Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, and as I have done various armchair research into magickal paths, I have found that there has been a tradition of magickal poetry. This includes poetry most people know about, Coleridge’s “Kubla Khan,” has some positevly Thelemic elements about it. This worldview has been bouncing around, and I think that at least part of my poetic inspiration is coming from occult ideas. I’m not really sure if I’m going to become an actual magician, but that’s a blog for another time.