How to Get Ahead in the Written World

For some reasons writers need blogs these days. I’m not sure why, but I think it has something with the marketing people being lazy asses who don’t see that the writer is supposed to write and not market themselves. I blame capitalism and modernity and all that, but that is just me being myself. As such, I have decied that I should start writing an official Dylan Tern blog.

I have blogged before. For most of my High School years I had a blog on Blogspot called “The Aspie Diaries,” and after I moved to WordPress I had a blog called “Solve et Coagula.” This blog, which has yet to be given a decent name, is mainly a way for me to reach out to people through weekly comments on my life as a slam poet and university student. It will feature the occasional poem, as well as my thoughts on a variety of different topics. This should give me a way to reach out to my fan base, which consists of I’d say ten people tops. Most likely less then that.

So here is my first blog post for the new blog. I’m going to need to come up with a new name, enough material to post on a weekly basis. So as to show you my status as a writer, I’m going to link you to some youtube videos that were taken of me in 2010. The quality of my performance is not the best and I cringe at them sometimes, but it will give you all something to look at.

Dual reading of “George is a Good Boy,” and “The Dark Night Shift of the Soul,” Septermber 2010

“The Last Words of Lady Macbeth,” April 2010


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  1. yhosby
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 19:48:41

    But then again, after you post frequently and get visitors to your blog, you’ll have more than 10 people as a fan base LOL.

    I began blogging in November, and after my first 3 posts, I thought I’d only be writing to myself. I only had 6 hits! Then, I posted a link on Facebook, which gave me 23 hits LOL!!! It wasn’t until I began reading other people’s blogs, commenting on them that I started getting frequent visitors. Good luck–it can get quite obsessive checking and rechecking this dashboard for blog stats.

    Keep smiling,


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